A Small Company with Big Dreams

We are a company driven to bring control back to the user. We believe your information should belong to you – you should know who has it, and why. You should be able to share and store your information securely. You should have access to your information and your documents, anywhere and at any time.

Your information is yours. And we are here to give it back to you.

We’ve combined our knowledge to bring your information back to you

With a background in Contract Management as well as Core Banking, we’ve combined our (over) 15 years worth of experience to create a platform that keeps your documents and information secure and easy to access. Welcome to DygitalME – welcome to your digital identity.

We will never sell your information
We will use all our efforts to keep your information safe and secure
We will never give your information to anyone
We strive to bring organisations into your community that allows you to make applications, contracts and interactions quick and easy
We will never bring in unsolicited advertising
We will work towards organisations respecting, protecting and valuing your information
We will promote the concept that your Dygital profile belongs to you
DygitalME will always be free